Below are non-financial options that you can take part in to show your support. Please don’t hesitate to contribute in as many options as possible as each of them help spread my work and influence. Click the arrow next to each option in order to learn more about each option. Thank you.


Share my work online and in person.

Whether online or in person, sharing my work is a huge help in spreading my work and message. If it is through online platforms, make sure to tag me. When you refer a buyer, you can earn up to $1,000.00 USD per referral, click the arrow to learn more.


Follow me on social media.


If you have any of my featured social media networks make sure to follow me for new artwork and event updates.


Subscribe to my email list.


This is the best way to stay up to date about new work, exhibitions, and other exciting news regarding my work. Plus you’ll get a 10% off prints discount code when you subscribe.

View my work in person.


Seeing artwork online is quick and convenient, but nothing will ever compare to seeing it in person. When you find out about a show or viewing I’d love if you came to the event. You can stay updated on all events that feature my work by subscribing to my email list or following me through social media.


Collaborate with me.


This may or may not fall under the non-financial category depending on what the project is but no matter the outcome don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or ideas you have in collaborating with me and I’d be happy to discuss your ideas.


Contact me.


A last but very important way you can show your support is to contact me to let me know how my art has influenced or inspired you. Out of every way to support me the thing that makes me happiest is to hear the positive impact my work has had on you individually. Please, don't hesitate in reaching out to let me know your thoughts and feelings.

A sincere thank you for all of your help. - Brendan