Based out of Arlington, MA, Brendan provides unique online drawing and painting lessons that combine your individual interests with an invigorating experience of creating expressive and technical art. Available for all ages and any level of experience.


"Through my lessons, my goal is to open your mind to the unlimited creative potential you have, as well as experience the benefits that come with the self-explorative process of making art. " - Brendan


What you'll receive 

I strive to provide as much value as possible for my students so that they can get the most out of their lessons. That's why I've chosen to teach my students the same exercises and techniques I use in my own artistic practice for notable improvement with nothing held back.  To further aid you in your artistic practices both in and outside of lessons you'll also be given an exclusive 30% student discount* on Aspire Art Boards.

*Discount only available for students located in the US

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*only available for in-person students

Art Lessons

Art Lessons




"Great teacher. For someone who has never drawn before, very patient and works at your level."

- Solomon O.


"Brendan is awesome! He is very talented, super patient, and extremely dedicated."

- Taryn H.


"I learned a lot just the first lesson. He is very nice and professional. I am looking forward to attending more."

- Christine S.


Let's make some art!

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