Based out of Arlington, MA, Release Art Studios™ provides unique drawing and painting lessons that combine your individual interests with an invigorating experience of creating expressive and technical art. 

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      We're not your normal Art Classes​

Release Art Studios™ is owned and operated by two local artists, Brendan Lehman and Daisy Hernandez who have made it they're mission to spread the positive influence that creating art has on them. 


Much like consistent meditation or exercise, for us art is much more than just an activity: it's a lifestyle. Through mindful creative expression Release Art Studios™ brings you a new and stimulating experience that makes it possible for anyone to reap the benefits that creating art has to offer.

When you join us at Release Art Studios™, we not only strive to help you grow as an artist, but a person as a whole. We take pride in doing more than just offering a service, we want to build an authentic relationship with you through the practice of creating art that reflects you.

 This includes those of you who are already enjoying life to the fullest but crave a new activity that brings new personal growth, those who are searching for a greater level of fulfillment and purpose in their life, or for those who are lost, struggling and in need of an activity that stimulates self awareness and creative potential, Release Art Studios™ encourages everyone of all ages and of any skill level to come experience our unique art classes, gallery space, and all that we have to offer.

Here are a just a few reviews from some of our students.

"Great teacher. For someone who has never drawn before, very patient and works at your level."

- Solomon O.

"Brendan is awesome!! He is very talented, super patient, and extremely dedicated. He is great with my daughter who is 11. He is also well-versed in tv shows, graphic novels, video games, and comics that kids like :)"

- Taryn H.

"I learnt a lot just the first lesson. He is very nice and professional. I am looking forward to attending my next lesson."

- Christine S.

Unique Classes we offer

Our classes are designed for everyone of any age or skill level. Over the course of our lessons, we will focus on what you are interested in, while following a general timeline learning the fundamentals of art and creatively expressing what you've learned into your own works. We offer two main types of classes: group classes and private lessons. 

Group Lessons

Group Lessons are designed for those looking for a friendly, creative environment that provides students with a new, stimulating lesson each week. Throughout our lessons, students will be provided with a variety of materials and resources including graphite, charcoal, water color, acrylic, and oil paint. Lessons consistent of both technical as well as expressive styles of creating art using still life, live models, image reference, and our imagination (Don't worry if you think you lost it we'll help you find it). Group lessons consistent of 3-6 people and are  90 minutes long. We like to keep our group lessons on the smaller side so that each student can receive the attention they deserve and feel a sense of unity amongst their fellow students. Students in group lessons also have the option to be included in a students email list where they will receive optional weekly assignments as well as helpful tips, links, and other information that students can use to their advantage. Enjoy an inviting yet challenging atmosphere where inspiration is everywhere to help you experience the many benefits creating art has to give. 

*Group lessons are currently unavailable please contact me to be put on the waiting list so you be the first to know when they are available again*



Private Lessons

Private lessons are for those looking for a more focused approach in their art practice in order to experience significant improvements quickly. While the same exciting activities found in group lessons will be taught in private lessons, more personal attention is given to the student. An individualized lesson plan, optional out of class assignments, and additional materials to use at home will be periodically provided as well. Students will also be given more control over the activities and mediums used during their lessons, as well as more personal guidance outside of lessons than those in group lessons. Private Lessons are 90 minutes long with an occasional extra 30 minutes of extra time when time permits, and studio space to store work done during lessons is available as well. Take your art to the next level with private one on one lessons designed to provide you with everything you'll need to unlock your creative potential.

What you'll receive from your lessons

We strive to provide as much value as possible for our students so that they can get the most out of their lessons. That's why we've chosen to teach our students the same exercises and techniques we use in our own artistic practice for notable improvement with nothing held back. All the materials during our lessons are included so when you come to your lesson the only thing you'll have to focus on is expressing yourself to the fullest.  Refreshments and snacks are also offered for you to enjoy. When you become a student at Release Art Studios, we want you to do more than make art, we want you to feel it. 

Benefits you can experience 

Our lessons are a mixture of both technical and expressive art that can be a powerful way to relieve stress, improve mental clarity and self awareness, increase creativity, elevate your mood, boost self esteem, and provide you with a sense of purpose and contentment, just to name a few of the prominent benefits. Try to refrain from checking your phone or other distractions, the deeper you delve into your creation the more connected and mindful you will feel during and after your lesson.




Rules and recommendations


Be respectful, keep an open mind, and have fun! Our classes are very popular but we have limited space so we hope you do your best to come on a regular basis. If you do decide to continue taking lessons with us after your introductory ($20) lesson, we encourage you to try your best to make a commitment to coming at least once a week. Just like exercising or meditating, the best results will come with consistent practice. Of course sick days, vacations, or other personal matters are completely excused. If you are unable to make your lesson please let us at least know 24 hours in advance.

Lets make some art!

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