I paint to explore, discover, and inspire.


Much of my work consists of made-up figures or portraits. Often without reference or prior sketching, I’ll paint characters right from my imagination and start to find forms through loose and unrestrained lines.  From there I begin refining the forms and pushing the perspective and dynamism of the figure in order to bring a sense of life and motion into the piece. Focusing on aesthetic appeal in the work I balance technique, anatomy, and detail with raw, loose and experimental layers of paint. 


Often my characters convey emotions of torment, rumination, desire, confusion, or emptiness through their facial expressions. Despite the negative emotion, I hope to capture a sense of relentless endeavour underneath their look of conflict. While many of my paintings are disguised as negative and unclear in concept, their message remains positive and simple, to continue to push forward. I try to make each figure seem as though they are in a state of release, or in the process of breaking through mental barriers. I like to represent this concept through the physical motion of the figure as well as including a certain level of surrealism in the piece through the use of robotics, nature, or anything in between.


This battle between pain and liberation is a representation of my constant search for balance and peace of mind. Each painting is a process of observing my current mental state and channeling that state into the piece. The purpose of this process is not to further expedite the vicious cycle of contemplating negative thoughts and feelings, but is in fact the opposite. It is a practice of observing and accepting built-up negative emotions and then proceeding to let them go, move into the present moment and attain positivity, peace, and clarity. 


Through the representation of my battle, I’m hoping to inspire others to act on their potential despite their fears and to push forward despite their pain. Suffering is one of the greatest sources of knowledge and often the first step toward inner peace if it’s not fought against, but instead learned from.​